Zen Water Countertop Water Filter Reviews – See How They Rate

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Having access to pure, contaminate-free, great-tasting water is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. In our search for great water filters for the family, today, we reviewed the zen water systems countertop filters.

In this review, we compared the four available sizes, took a closer look at the filtering process, and finally examined customer feedback for the most popular models, so you can make an informed choice.

How Much Water Does Your Family Drink?

There are a lot of options when it comes to filtered water. One of the simplest ways to have it in your home is to invest in a counter-top model like the ones from Zen Water. This leading manufacturer of water filtration systems has lots of models to choose from to suit every family.

Zen Water Systems has four models to choose from depending on the amount of water your family drinks.

  1. Vitality 4-Gallon – this size is perfect for singles, couples, or a small family. It is very affordable at just under $100.
  2. Rejuvenate 6 Gallon – for the larger family that consumes 5 to 6 gallons of water per day and costs just a little more.
  3. Active 8 Gallon – this unit will provide all the water a large family needs, including the pets.
  4. Pulse 4 Gallon – this unit is designed to replace the heavy bottles delivered by a water service and will fit on most commercial water cooler stands.
Closeup of the Zen Water Systems 6-Gallon Countertop Filtration and Purification System showing the filter inside
Shown above is the 6 Gallon Rejuvenate

All the Zen Water counter-top water filters use the multi-step filtration system with one of the smallest filters on the market at .3 microns. Tap water is first filtered past the ceramic dome which traps large contaminates.

The water is then filtered through silver-impregnated granulated activated carbon, which strips unpleasant odors, tastes and hundreds of chemical solvents and the silver kills off bacteria.

Once the water has been purified it is strained through mineral sand to further remove any lingering contaminates before it passes through far-infrared balls.

Long used in alternative medicine, these stones ionize the water (with negative ions which are good for our bodies) and are believed to increase enzyme activity in our digestive tract to keep that system of the body humming along.

details of the 5 stage filter cartridge

The last two stages of filtration used by the Zen Water Countertop models are to completely absorb heavy metal (like lead) out of your water with zeolite, a porous rock created by volcanic rock and ash. This raises the pH level of the water to be more alkaline than acid.

Finally, the water is dispensed through a magnetic tap, which supports a healthy endocrine system and might even help reduce arthritis pain and blood pressure.

All the models come with a set of filters, and a magnetizing dispenser accepts for the Pulse, which has a spigot since it is on a water cooler system.

Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison of the 3 of the most popular models from Zen Water Systems.

Vitality45 Stage6.5 pounds
Rejuvenate68 Stage8.3 pounds
Active88 Stage12 pounds

Customer Feedback: The Good The Bad And The Leaky

person drinking clean filtered water
Consumers say the Zen Water tastes great

Consumers who have purchased a Zen Water Countertop filtration system generally give it a thumbs-up.  Here are what some customers are saying:

  • The taste is so good, some reviewers drinking more water without realizing it.
  • Setup was easier than expected
  • Excellent Customer Service

All reviews that I could find unanimously agreed that the water looked and tasted clean and pure. Many reviewers choose the Zen Water models because of the extensive filtration process and the alkalizing process the water goes through to raise the pH level.

It should be noted that many of the reviews on the company website and from other online retailers mentioned that assembly is time-consuming and warned other potential buyers not to take any shortcuts during the initial setup. So be sure to check the manual & follow the instructions.

One reviewer’s chief complaint was not being able to buy the replacement filters on Amazon, which only offers filters from 3rd party sellers. He advised consumers to purchase the Zen Water brand filters from the company website because the more generic brand is not as good.  You can visit the website at Zen Water Systems.

One of the great things about reading reviews is that you can often find answers to problems you may have with a product. For instance, one review advised putting the washer on the outside of the faucet to solve the problem of leaks.

Another review assured buyers that the water would filter faster after the first few uses and to keep the ceramic dome clean for a speedier process.

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Which Zen Water Filter is Best For Your Family?

If you are ready to add a Zen Water Countertop filtration system to your home there are a few things to consider before you buy.

Size – How large of a unit should I get?

The 4-gallon size units are good for small families, with young children. If you are a family of 4 or more and intend to share the water with pets, you will need the Rejuvenate 6-gallon filtration system or the Active 8-gallon size.

Space – Where will you place the filter?

These units take up quite a bit of space, so determine where you are going to keep your Zen Water filter in the kitchen.

All the countertop units can be used without the base to make them more refrigerator-friendly. The Pulse will fit almost any commercial water cooler.

Set-Up and Maintenance

You will need to invest some time in the initial setup of the system. However, it is a gravity system, which does not require electricity or calling a plumber to install it.

Routinely scrubbing the ceramic dome, storage tanks, and replacing the filters is a must. Cleaning of the dome and tanks should be done every one to two months and filters should be replaced twice a year.


Recent media reports of e-Coli and trace amounts of medication in tap water are cause for concern. Fortunately, you can ensure that your family has access to great-tasting and bacteria-free H2O with a water filtration system.

With so many options to suit any size family, a sophisticated and extremely efficient filtration system the Zen Water filters are a sensible choice. The addition of an alkalizing step to make your water healthier is a bonus, too.

With a simple setup, long-lasting filters, and great customer service a Zen Water Countertop Water Filtration system is a great buy!