The Best Alkaline Water Pitchers – Our Ratings and Reviews for 2021

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An alkaline water pitcher is a simple way to start experiencing the benefits of alkaline water at a fraction of the price.  

The design is just what you would expect, a water filter that fits conveniently on top of a pitcher for easy use. It will provide an easy way to make alkaline filtered water for your everyday or occasional needs, such as next to the coffee maker or to keep in the refrigerator for chilled water.

The alkaline water filter pitcher is a drip filter system that allows you to add the water to the top of the pitcher. As the water slowly drains through the filter, contaminants and heavy metals are removed which improves the taste. The alkaline water pitcher will also raise the pH of your water by up to 2 levels.

Our Top 5 Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews and Ratings

Here is a summary review of our favorite selections for the best alkaline water pitchers in 2021.

EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher

The EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher has been a favorite of ours for a long time. One of the reasons we choose it was for the large capacity (3.5 ml), the slim design, and the cool design of the smart lid.

EHMP 3.5 Ultra water pitcher
EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Main Features

  • Size: 12 x 6 x 11 inches
  • Capacity: 2 to 3.5 liters
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic
  • pH Level: Up to 9.5
  • ORP: -100 to -200 mv
  • Filter life: 80 gallons/40 liters, estimated 6-8 weeks.
  • Changing indication: none
  • Certifications: none known

The EHM filter uses a 6 stage process to reduce heavy metals, chlorine, pollution, and pesticides. The filter adds back minerals such as calcium, magnesium to re-mineralize the water.

We like the design of the EHM filters as the width of the unit is just 6 inches wide, fitting comfortably in most refrigerators The water tank itself is 3.5 liters, with 2 liters reserved for water storage.


  • High level of alkalinity.
  • Streamlined design fits easily in the refrigerator
  • Longer than average filter replacement time
  • Mid-range price point


  • The pitcher may leak if filled too high. Take care to not overfill the unit
  • Some users have mentioned the filter becoming clogged
  • No published certifications

Our conclusion: EHM makes a good alkaline water filter at an economical price.

Read more about the EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher in our detailed review.

BIOCERA Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter

The Biocera Anti-Oxidant water jug uses natural ceramics to create filtered hydrogen-rich water.

BioCera is a Korean company that specializes in bioceramics. The company uses this technology to purify water and specializes in finding natural ways to improve the environment. According to their website, they have received NSF certification on the materials used in their products and their technology. Read about the company here –

Bicoera Anti-Oxidant Water Filter

The BIOCERA Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter

Main Features

  • Size: 25 x 11 x 25.5 Cm
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic
  • pH Level: 8.5 and 9.5
  • ORP: -100 to -200mV
  • Filter life: 350 Liters
  • Changing indication: Reminder date
  • Certifications: NSF certification

This company is unique in that it uses bioceramic filtering to purify the water. It also uses infrared technology to energize the water. A lower ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) is created through the filtering process that gives the filtered water further anti-oxidant properties.

The purification process includes 2 pre-filters where coarser particles are removed before entering the main filter. Additional filtering includes activated carbon to absorb chlorine and ceramic anti-bacteria balls to prevent the growth of bacteria in the cartridge and remove heavy metals.


  • The typical pH achieved is about 9 to 9.5 after filtering, which is a very good rating.
  • Removes heavy chemicals
  • Natural remineralization of the water
  • NSF Certified
  • Includes 2 extra cartridges with purchase


  • Takes a little longer to filter all the water – about 30 minutes.
  • More expensive than other filters

Overall we really like the Biocera water filters. The company maintains a strong commitment to research and is focused on continuing to improve the quality of our drinking water.

Our conclusion: Biocera is an innovative company and a leader in the industry.

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Santevia alkaline water filter is available in four colors: white, blue, black, and red. We also occasionally see it sold in green. We really like the countdown timer on this pitcher since it is a good reminder of when to change the filter.

By comparison, the Santevia water pitcher is a little shorter than some of the other ones which are 12 inches tall. And since you can fill it from the lid, this makes it easier to fit under the faucet in a smaller kitchen.

Santevia Alkaline Water pitcher in Black

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher (Black)

Main Features

  • Size: 10.9 x 6 x 10.9 inches
  • Capacity: 2.1 liters
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Materials: BPA-Free Plastic
  • pH Level: 8.0 – 9.0
  • ORP: Reduced
  • Filter life: 80 gallons/300 liters
  • Changing indication:
    Countdown clock
  • Certifications: none known

The Santevia water filter improves the taste and quality of your water by removing chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. It also removes industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural contaminants.

The water is then remineralized by adding back calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals. The result is clean mineralized, and great-tasting water.


  • Adds beneficial minerals
  • Available in several colors
  • Easy to fill lid
  • Countdown timer to change the filter
  • Moderate price point


  • There have been a few complaints from customers that received a broken timer
  • A few users mentioned the filter was prone to leaking from the top

Santevia is a well-known company and has been in business since 2008. They make a variety of water filters, including a countertop water filter which we highly recommend. A few issues with the plastic components can happen to any company during shipping. Overall, Santevia makes a good quality water filter.

Our conclusion: A reputable company that makes a reliable product.

Read more about the Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher in our detailed review.

pH VITALITY Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

I wanted to include this water filter in our reviews since it is one of the few stainless steel pitchers. Not everyone wants to store their filtered water in plastic, and this company provides a few alternatives, including glass pitchers.

The pH Vitality alkaline water filter is made by Invigorated Water. The company’s goal is to provide a beautiful carafe that performs as promised. In this case, that is creating fresh, clean, great-tasting alkaline water.

pH VITALITY Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

Main Features

  • Size: 6.1 x 4.8 x 11.7 inches
  • Capacity: 1.9 liters
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • pH Level: Increased
  • ORP: Reduced
  • Filter life: 105 gallons/400 liters
  • Changing indication: none
  • Certifications: none known

The filter used in the pH Vitality pitcher is aptly named the On the go Filter. It comes in a bag that is placed at the bottom of the pitcher. An ice cover secures to the top of the pitcher that keeps it in place.

The filter removes chlorine, heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and copper and reduces other unwanted elements including fluoride & chlorine. It increases the pH of the water and the negative ORP, all while adding back beneficial minerals.


  • Longest filter life
  • Beautiful design
  • Pitcher has multiple uses
  • The filter can also be used in other containers
  • Moderate price point


  • Some customers complained about a loose screw on the handle
  • Small dents and scratches on the filter
  • Possibility of rust forming if not cleaned properly

It has a really pretty modern design and provides a great alternative to plastic filters.

I think one of the standout features of the pH Vitality is the flexibility of design. You can easily remove the filter bag and use the pitcher to make a fruit infusion, or use it as a serving piece to pour ice water or tea for the table.

Our conclusion: A high style and versatile filter.

If you need a different size, Invigorated Water has several other models to choose from. Take a look at our reviews and compare 5 of the most popular Invigorated Water filters.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear is one of the newcomers on the market. I wanted to include it in our updated reviews this year since it claims to remove more than 2000% more contaminants than its top competitor (which is Brita).

However, technically, this is not an alkaline water pitcher as it is not designed to increase your water’s pH. It does not remove some of the minerals some other filters do that make filtered water more acidic. And by removing some of the more acid-causing contaminants, the water may become slightly more alkaline.

Aquagear Water Filter

Main Features

  • Size: 11 x 10.9 x 5.7 inches
  • Capacity: 1/2 gallon
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Materials: BPA-Free Plastic
  • pH Level: n/a
  • ORP: n/a
  • Filter life: 150 gallons
  • Changing indication: none
  • Certifications: NSF Tested

The Aquagear pitcher uses a 5 stage water filtration system. The filters are made in the USA and remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs, and more.


  • Cleans a large number of contaminants
  • Filters are made in the USA
  • Testing exceeds NSF standards
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Does not create alkaline water
  • Customers report the filter is very slow after just a few uses. However, others mention being happy to wait if it cleans the water better
  • Higher price point

We think this pitcher has excellent potential. And we really like the fact that the company has undergone strenuous tests to ensure the filter is removing all the contaminants it was designed to. It is actually surprising how many companies I review with no mention of testing or certification. The fact that the company offers a lifetime guarantee is a great selling point.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Information & Buying Guide

If you’ve already installed an alkaline water machine in your home, the alkaline water filter pitcher is a portable solution. This way, you don’t miss out on the benefits while at work or on vacation.

You can’t exactly pack up your alkaline water machine and take it with you, now can you?

What Is An Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher?

This pitcher will filter your water by removing contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and pollution.  It will also transform your tap water into mineral-rich alkaline water.  The result is excellent tasting water that will enhance the flavor of your cooking, coffee, or tea.

At a lower pH level, the water has fewer particles that can inhibit the actual taste of the beverage like coffee or tea. The added benefit of lower pH water is the purported health benefits. The studies are saying that having a higher alkaline level will feed your body more oxygenated water.

The better water filters will also lower the ORP or Oxidation-Reduction Potential. A lower ORP increases the water’s ability to break down contaminants promoting healthy cell growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Filtered Water?

Here are a few benefits of using alkaline water pitchers:

  • Filtered water tastes better.  Have you ever tasted tap water that has a metal after taste?  This is also known as hard water and can affect as many as 85% of US households.  Taste is important since when our water tastes better, we will naturally drink more.
  • Helps your body be more efficient.  Our bodies work hard to maintain a good pH balance.  When we are overtired, stressed, or are eating poorly, our bodies become more acidic.  To restore the balance, our bodies need to work twice as hard and often pull the alkalizing minerals from our bones and tissues.  Eating more alkaline foods and drinks helps our bodies maintain a healthy pH balance.
  • Keeps you hydrated.  Drinking enough clean water is essential to keep you hydrated.  It is also vital to keep your mind thinking clearly, prevent fatigue, and regulating your body temperature.
  • Removes toxins. Drinking contaminated water is dangerous.  Depending on our water source, it may include chemicals, bacteria, animal waste, and many other toxic substances.  While most drinking water in developed countries should be safe to drink, you don’t really know what is in your water unless you have it tested.  It’s best to err on the side of caution by installing a simple water filtration system.  A water filter is one of the simplest ways to ensure clean drinking water.
  • Better for the environment. Making your own filtered water is much better for the environment (and cheaper) than buying bottled water.  Who needs all those plastic bottles filling up our landfills?

What Features Should You Look For In An Alkaline Water Pitcher?

an alkaline water jug with filters
BIOCERA Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Jug Filter

Finding the best alkaline water filters can be tough when there are so many options available. While you are doing your research, focus on the features that are most important to you are:

1. Filter Replacement Cost.  Sometimes we can buy a product for a very reasonable price, think printer, only to find out the replacements are more expensive than the initial investment. On average you should plan on replacing the filter cartridge every 2-4 months, depending on your water consumption.

2.  Easy to Use.  Ease of use is always something to look for in an alkaline water pitcher.  Determine if it is easy to use and easy to maintain, to wash and replace the filter.

3.  Filter Replacement Gauge.  Also, some feel it is important to have a gauge that indicates that the filter is no longer filtering the water. It is not always easy to remember when the last time was or how many gallons were used.

4.  Style and Size.  If you leave the water pitcher out on your counter, the style will most definitely be a deciding factor.  Many are also sized to fit in your refrigerator, but you will want to know the dimensions to be sure it fits. The capacity is also important since this will determine how often it needs to be refilled.

Comparison Table of the Best Alkaline Water Pitchers

Following is a comparison table of the important features you should consider when purchasing an alkaline water filter pitcher.

NameCapacityFilter LifeAvg Filter
Replacement Cost
EHM Ultra Alkaline Water Pitcher2-3.5 Liters200 liters$20 each
BIOCERA Alkaline Jug Filter1.8 Liters150 liters3 for $100
Santevia Alkaline Pitcher2.1 Liters300 liters3 for $40
Invigorated Water pH Vitality1.9 Liters400 liters$15-20
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher2.3 Liters550 liters$50 each

Our Recommendation?

We only compared the top 5 alkaline water pitchers in our final analysis, so while all three are good choices, we still had to pick a winner.  Our clear choice is the EHM Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher.  With a capacity of 3.5 liters, this pitcher is by far the largest which means you don’t need to fill it up as often.  It has the widest range of pH values, a reasonable filter replacement cost, and really excellent reviews.

The final deciding factor was the price.  It was priced right in line with our comparison of the top models. In short, the Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Pitcher from EHM is a great water filter at a great price.

Why Do You Need An Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher?

Do you buy bottled water today?  Or have water delivered to your home?  Most money is saved on one of these two products.  You may save money from buying water or save the planet from all the plastic bottles we consume with water bottles.

Wallet with money
Saving money is always a good thing.

How Much Money Can You Save By Drinking Filtered Water?

The convenience of having filtered water in your pitcher when you need it may be worth the small investment in time and especially in your health. Filtering out those unseen bacteria and contaminants may be worth the peace of mind in filtering your own water.

How Much do Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Cost?

We compared the top 10 best selling water pitchers.  The prices ranged from $35 to $105, with the average at about $56.  How much to spend will ultimately be up to you and what your needs are. Do you want a quality pitcher that will last you a while without breaking?  Or do you just need a disposable one to use for a short period of time?

But spending money on important things that benefit our health is sometimes a hard question.  No one really sees unhealthy water, so it may seem like it is not an urgent matter. Perhaps it may not seem important to your health, it is only water. But some people think that there is a direct link between high pH water and diseases such as cancer.

Where Is The Best Place To Find An Alkaline Water Pitcher?

You can find a few good options in a home goods or multi-purpose store such as Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or Target.  However, often the best place to comparison shop or find additional choices are just as close as your online connection. When purchasing any product online, you are researching your product without knowing it.

Many will read the reviews and comments of folks that have purchased the same product and were courteous enough to leave feedback for the next buyer. Many of the same questions that you may have may also have been addressed in the reviews or comments left on the site.

finger on computer mouse

While we reviewed the top water filters, there are additional options online.  You can compare other product features, such as size, colors, shipping costs, and return policies. For more information on the different types of alkaline water systems, visit our home page.

Good luck and here’s to your continued health!

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