What Can You Eat for Breakfast on an Alkaline Diet?

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If you are on an alkaline diet to improve your health, there are a lot of foods you need to avoid. This may leave you wondering what your options are for alkaline breakfast foods.

You may be pleasantly surprised by just how many alkaline breakfast menu ideas there are. Whether you want something quick and simple that doesn’t require any preparation or you are going for a hearty meal to start your day, there are alkalizing options out there that are nutritious and delicious.

In this post, we will share a variety of options with you. As you are researching high alkaline breakfast ideas, it is helpful to be aware that when we talk about foods being “alkaline” in a dietary context, we are usually referring to their potential renal acid load (PRAL), not the pH of the foods themselves.

So, even some foods that have acidic pHs may be suitable for alkaline diets.

Alkaline Breakfast Grain-Based Foods

Spelt growing in field

1. Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat is slightly acidic when you digest it. This makes it one of the friendlier options if you are looking to cook up some pancakes. In fact, it may interest you to know that buckwheat is a seed rather than technically a grain.

2. Spelt Waffles

Also called “hulled wheat,” spelt is a grain that is considered another option suitable for an alkaline diet. Try cooking up some waffles with spelt flour for a satisfying breakfast.

You can top off your spelt and buckwheat waffle and pancakes with alkalizing fruits for an extra satisfying meal.

3. Charcoal Croissants

Remember when charcoal croissants from the London café Coco di Mama went viral? What you might not know is that these unusual-looking croissants may be an ideal breakfast when you are on an alkaline diet.

The alkaline properties of charcoal in the croissant help to detoxify any poisons in your body by neutralising excess stomach acids.

Coco di Mama

Try making them yourself if you are not in London.

Protein-Rich Alkaline Breakfast Food Ideas

white and brown eggs in the carton

4. Eggs

One traditional breakfast food you can enjoy on an alkaline diet is eggs. Many people believe eggs are acidic, but actually, the American Egg Board reports that the pH of eggs is “relatively neutral.” Plus, the longer eggs age, the more alkaline they get. The whites also are more alkaline than the yolks.

So, eggs in general should be fine. But you can stick with the whites only and/or eat eggs after they have aged for a bit (but before they go bad) if you want the most alkaline eggs.

5. Avocados

Did you know avocados are a great source of protein? Even considering the pH of the fruit themselves, avocados are just slightly acidic. For an alkaline diet, however, they are considered “moderately alkaline.” Try making baked eggs in avocados!

6. Nuts

Certain nuts are listed as alkalizing—almonds and chestnuts in particular. If you are in a rush in the morning and do not have time to cook, a handful of nuts could be just what you need for a breakfast high in protein and other healthy nutrients.

Alkaline Fruits and Vegetables for Breakfast

green smoothie on a bed of baby spinach leaves

7. Green Smoothie

Another way to enjoy the alkaline benefits of fruits and vegetables in the morning is to make yourself a green smoothie.

Try combining ingredients like cucumber, spinach, mint and avocado in a blender for a fast, easy, and satisfying breakfast rich in the vitamins and minerals your body craves.

If you want to add some protein to your smoothie, you can reach for pea protein powder. Whey protein powder is acidic. That does not mean you cannot use it in a smoothie; if the other ingredients are sufficiently alkaline, they should balance it out. But pea protein powder is an alkalizing alternative that is a much better fit for this diet. As a bonus, pea protein powder gives your body a nice dose of iron.

8. Vegetable Soup

If you have been looking for ideas for hearty alkaline breakfast foods, a warm bowl of vegetable soup can be an outstanding choice.

According to the Times of India, many vegetables—especially green vegetables—are alkaline.

The site lists cabbage, lettuce, onions, peas, parsley, mushrooms, cucumbers, radishes and bell peppers as options. Consider making some of those the ingredients in your morning soup.

9. Eggplant

Another vegetable that works great in hearty alkaline breakfast recipes is eggplant. This is also an alkaline food the Times of India mentions quite specifically.

Try combining eggplant with eggs and tomatoes for a delicious alkaline way to start your day. The recipe above is pretty elaborate, but it is just here for inspiration. You can always make a simplified version.

10. Salad

chopped tomatoes on a bed of lettuce

Salad may not be the most traditional breakfast food, but sometimes it is just what you are hungry for.

Try dicing up tomatoes and adding them to a bed of leafy green vegetables. You can also add some avocadoes and hard-boiled eggs.

Begin Your Day the Nutritious and Healthy Alkaline Way

That wraps up our guide to alkaline breakfast foods! We hope that some of these alkaline breakfast options got your mouth watering. Once you learn your way around acceptable ingredients, it should become fast and easy to prepare healthy meals each morning to get your day off to a nutritious, alkalizing start.

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Eggs, avacado and greens - a healthy breakfast while on the alkaline diet