The NewCell Genesis 7 Plate Water Ionizer & Alkaline Water Machine

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9/26/2018 Update  – This product is currently not available, please see our homepage for a current list of recommended products.

The New Cell Genesis 7 Plate water ionizer is a state of the art machine, at a great price. This unit has seven plates of titanium to ionize the water and rid it of contaminants and microorganisms to give you pure water for good taste and good health.

This model provides a dual filtration system and several programmable pH levels at the touch of your fingertips. There is a five-year warranty and free shipping.

For good pure water with the health benefits of a low pH level, New Cell Genesis needs to be considered as an option for you for good health.

What Is the New Cell Genesis 7 Plate Water Ionizer?

New Cell Genesis 7 Plate water ionizer
New Cell Genesis 7 Plate Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine

This water filtration system is an ionic water purifier and a pH level adjuster. It boasts seven titanium plates of ionic power to clean your water to a pristine good tasting state. The dual filtration system promises great tasting water and is easy to program backlit panel is easy to see.

This top of the line water cleanser is made from quality parts, but not at a top on the line price tag. The reviews for this unit are from the owners of this machine and their positive feedback. Owners have said that after having this machine for their clean drinking water that many ailments have stopped and all they can attribute it to is clean water.

How Does This Water Ionizer Work?

By ionizing the water it is removing all of the microorganisms, bacteria and harmful contaminants in the water, and with a dual filtration system is great tasting too. The ionic process is completed by electrifying metal plates and charging the water, by this means it will remove all of the unwanted particles and leave pure, clean water.

The backlit panel on the front of the device is a nice visual of what is happening inside the unit, no guessing what the unit is doing. It is clearly readable and makes programming the level of pH you want in your water very easy. It will also warn you during its cleaning and rinsing cycle to let you know not to use it then,

What Do the Online Reviews Say About This Product?

When you read the reviews for this alkaline water machine, you will see that many people decided to buy this after trying more affordable, portable water filters. This has a reputation for being a higher quality one that comes with a five-year warranty. The fact that it is easy to install and designed to last makes it a much more worthwhile water filtration device than others that you might buy in your local department or hardware store.

Where Can You Get the Best Price on This Model?

By looking online, you will be able to get the best price. Searching online for this unit you will be able to see many other features and options to this water cleaning machine. You will also read reviews to see how other owners liked the product or what those who bought the machine said.

Sometimes, reading the reviews and comments will be the deciding factor in purchasing or not purchasing a product. Online you can also see the warranty and return policy, both of which will help to ensure that this lasts a long time. As well as seeing the experiences that others had with the customer service center or a troubleshooting hotline.

Is the New Cell Genesis 7 Plate Water Ionizer Right for You?

When deciding on a larger purchase to buy it is good to review a few reasons why you are considering the purchase. Some questions may be will this product improve my life, will it give me better health and help my family feel better, and help fight off illnesses.

Many people consider the level of alkalinity as a very important factor in health issues and in maintaining good health. The research says that if the level of our water is too acidic, then our bodies are not getting enough oxygen and our bodies may develop illnesses.

In factoring in all of the positives this purchase has and the warranty and the positive reviews, investing in the best water cleaning unit is investing in your own health and the health of your family.